KAZA Collection by Walker Zanger

“The KAZA collection is the modern solution to designing a bold statement wall, which homeowners are using to replace dull wallpapers and worn, painted walls,” said Walker Zanger Vice President of Design and Marketing Jared Becker. “KAZA incorporates interchangeable textures, patterns and colors to create a variety of looks for designers and homeowners.”

KAZA’s designs bring a unique element to the collection, such as “Lantern’s” ribbed-yet-soft texture, drawing inspiration from George Nelson’s iconic 1947 lantern-lamps. “Saturn” imbues a 1960s-mod feel with its soft-cream surface, and “Vortex” uses elongated hexagons to create a sci-fi feeling of being pulled into a tractor beam.

The new designs debut at Coverings ’16 / Chicago,  HD Expo ’16 / Las Vegas  &  ICFF’16 / New York