The first Hungarian KAZA Tile Design Competition has come to an end. The jury, composed of architects and professionals from the design and architecture scene chose ’Fragments’ by LAB5 Architects as the winner of the competition. ’Freya’ by Manó Karlinger, ’Pure Edge’ by Mónika Kovács and ’Raster’ by Krisztina Zatykó received Honourable Mentions.

The winning tile design: ’Fragments’
„Outside or inside, yesterday or half a century ago, classic or contemporary – concrete is a material and surface that suits many different places but at the same time has a certain strong aura. We can encounter it in luxury interiors on the wall, as an abandoned architectural element outdoors, in a public facility, or industrial spaces, bunkers, ornaments.
Concrete is timeless, even when exposed to changes in weather. It’s fresh, steady, it ages well but is also attractive at first sight. We imagined what it would look like if we left a piece of concrete out in nature for 100 years and then brought it back inside to give it a new life as an element of interior design. At the time of its creation, concrete takes up a shape and acts like a time capsule – it captures a moment in time and represents that evermore. If we laid a concrete slab on the ground and revisited it after a century we would see an intriguing picture composed of the aged surface and all the layers of residue. On one hand we would see the effects of nature, the environment and the weather, but on the other the residues of history and human activity as well. Arresting this process at a certain point, we could grasp this layered element that represents neither period but the exact moment where we stopped the accumulation of layers. Our design ‘Fragments’ makes an attempt to perpetuate this fragile atmosphere.”

LAB5 Architects

The design is available by fall, 2018.