designed by KAZA

SPLIT consists of two pieces of three-dimensional tiles. One big square tile, and a smaller rectangular shape exactly one-third of the square’s width to allow for infinite modular combinations. With a perfectly smooth surface in the middle, the raised rim creates a frame-like effect. Beside the form that makes this design elegantly geometric, its colourways feature the world’s first dual-colour concrete tile. SPLIT’s five base colours (clean and modest white, grey and black, and vivid and fresh yellow and turquoise) are designed to be interchangeable across a layout, e.g. turquoise tile with white frame next to a white tile with turquoise frame. This dual-colour technique introduces a harmonious yet playfully decorative surface design solution for the first time.

Tile elements

Dimensions: 330 x 330 mm / 110 x 330 mm


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