Liquid Forms

designed by Aybars Asci

The nature of concrete as a material has always been very inspiring to me - it is poured in a liquid state, and it takes its ultimate form as it cures. There is poetry in a material that finds its form as it changes phases. When I see a concrete surface, I always imagine its liquid state, its movement as it is poured. The concept I explored for this design was the expression of flow and movement in a solid form.
And perhaps the best examples of this phenomena manifests itself in the mastery of Baroque sculptors - chiseled into marble. The ephemeral qualities of capturing movement in stone in Bernini’s masterpieces has been an inspiration for me.
And how does the idea of capturing movement translate itself into tiling?
Tiling by nature is about repetition.  And repetition can be a powerful design tool. Imagine the music of Steve Reich or Philip Glass.
Creating a single tile design that can generate multiple patterns was very important to the ethos of this idea. ‘Liquid forms’ tile is aesthetically versatile. All the different patterns it generates have unique visual qualities that will give architects and interior designers a rich palette to work with.

Tile elements

Dimensions: 9.7 x 48.9 cm


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