designed by Aimee Munro

Bold colour and clean geometry are elements central to the Bauhaus movement and the driving inspiration behind the Diverge collection. As the philosophy of art and architecture that has influenced Aimee Munro’s personal design aesthetic, the opportunity to embody these elements within concrete, a material used widely in Bauhaus architecture for its honesty, sparked the beginnings of Diverge as a concept.

Culminating in a series of five tiles, the collection began as several small ideas that were developed and refined into a wider idea of strong geometric forms contrasting and complimenting each other, creating a dynamic harmony of movement.
The five tiles: I-Strike, II-Find, III-Reach, IV-Meet and V-Dip.
The collection places strong emphasis on versatility and flexibility, with each tile creating presence enough to stand on its own, while also providing the opportunity to amalgamate any amount of the five tiles in endless combinations. Layering this with the diverse range of concrete pigments available, allows the collection to be truly adaptable.

Just as the Bauhaus aimed to fuse art and architecture, Diverge at its core is a suite of tiles that are offered as building blocks to create three dimensional artworks. Wholly open to the individual’s interpretation.

Tile elements

Dimensions: 398 x 398 mm


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