Cracked Earth

designed by Hugo Bugg

Sophisticated, sustainable and symbolic, Hugo Bugg’s design will highlight global water issues and demonstrate practical, year-round water management solutions for home gardeners. This is in keeping with the goals of the RBC Blue Water Project - a wideranging, 10-year global commitment to help protect the world’s fresh water resources.

Drawing inspiration from the parched effects caused by extreme global weather, the design is layered with naturally-occurring geometric patterns. The resulting angles and striking motifs expose and conceal sections of the garden, enticing visitors to explore the space via a ‘floating walkway’. Water will be directed through the garden at different gradients and speeds, mimicking the natural watershed and showing how storm water management can replicate nature although in bold and inventive ways.

A variety of plants will have different roles in the garden's filtration, rain garden, and retention pools inviting unusual combinations and contrasts. A range of trees, grasses and herbaceous perennials will attract, give shelter and provide food for birds and insects, while selected irises and geum ‘lemondrops’ will create a vibrant scene of blues, lime-greens and yellows.

Commenting on the collaboration with Royal Bank of Canada, Hugo Bugg said: “In tackling RBC’s brief, I was keen to present a concept that was fresh and bold yet practical and pertinent. The RBC Waterscape Garden will profile cutting edge features that promote urban cooling, flood prevention and biodiversity, while strong forms and lines illustrate how sustainable design can be elegant. My hope is that people will leave the garden empowered and inspired to improve water retention in their own gardens, and better understand of the importance of embracing the rain.”

Lynn Patterson, Director of Corporate Responsibility at RBC, said: “Hugo’s ability to take inspiration from a variety of sources and translate this into captivating garden design is truly commendable, and we are thrilled to be partnering with such an exciting talent for the 2014 Show. The finite nature of fresh water resources is well-documented but still largely underestimated. In line with the goals of the RBC Blue Water Project, Hugo’s design succinctly explores the way we use this invaluable asset, especially in our towns and cities”

Tile elements

Dimensions: 390 ×390 mm


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