designed by Rough Front

Burst is conceived of as ‘bursting’ stellar bodies closely packed within irregular shapes. On close inspection, the tiles feature bold patterning which settles into a rich, subtly textured surface as one steps back from the wall. The dynamic design of Burst rewards careful attention to lighting: a wash of light across the surface of a matte finish tile will heighten the legibility of its pattern; a glossy finish will bounce point lights or daylight into the tile’s radial grooves, producing dazzling reflections and highlights. Burst consists of two hexagonal tiles that can be installed either in repeated patterns or irregularly to produce a more visually active, ever-changing array. The design is a continuation of Rough Front’s ongoing work in new, technologically driven conceptions of ornamentation, surface design and detail in architecture.

Find out more at: https://www.roughfront.com/burst

Tile elements

Dimensions: 30 x 34.5 cm


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