Akos Horvath

Creator in a wide range of visual arts, Akos’ professional career spans more than 30 years.
Following the path of great masters, he combined his study and work as apprentice at various artists including the galleries of painters Lajos Cziraky and Otto Vagfalvi, later worked with industrial artist Laszlo Hefter and painter Sandor Farsang.
He applied his experience as illustrator and interior designer in the eighties when his visual language took a definite shape. Besides designing coloured glass installations and sculptural elements, he created several unique pieces of furniture, as part of his interior design practice.
Currently Akos is the art director of award winning video games and an avid collector of everything pattern. He owns a collection of 10.000 publications on illustration, the greatest in Eastern Europe.
His works have been exhibited in various galleries since the beginning of the eighties, and have been awarded the grand prize of Fandom Directory Artwork Contest (USA) and Champagne Silhouettes magazine (Canada).

Designs by
Akos Horvath