We are delighted to announce the official global launch of ’Flutes and Reeds’ designed by GRT Architects.

The event will take place at Vicalvi showroom during Clerkenwell Design Week in London, 23 May.

„Fluting and reeding are among architecture’s oldest surface embellishments. The Greeks, and most who followed, treated these motifs as linear elements applied to columns, pilasters and walls. GRT Architects had the opportunity to rethink this relationship when designing a family of cast concrete tiles for KAZA Concrete.
We proposed a triangular tile to afford design possibilities by ‘clocking’ tiles in one hundred twenty degree increments and for the different grid arrangements they produce. Each triangle is, in effect, a slice of a ‘normal’ fluted or reeded column. When arranged in a well-behaved fashion they form a surface that would look familiar to the Greeks, overlaid with a subtle, triangular matrix. However, a number of unique patterns emerge when tiles are rotated. We are excited by the balance of visual complexity and familiarity and by the knowledge that there are surely combinations we have yet to discover.”
GRT Architects

Launch date: 23 May 2018, 6PM, Vicalvi showroom

Talk: ’History & Design’ 24 May 2018, 4PM, Vicalvi Showroom
GRT Architects will showcase current and past work exploring its complex relationship with history. Working primarily in New York City with existing buildings, GRT Architects constantly engage in historical interventions, interpretations, and reinventions. This brief talk will introduce projects ranging from light fixtures to Art-Deco era tower restorations and how cultural and architectural history affects their work.

16 Bowling Green Lane
London EC1R 0BD
Clerkenwell Design Week



You can download the PRESS RELEASE and high-res IMAGES from here.