The KAZA panel collection offers subtle yet distinctive coverings for medium to large sized wall and floor surfaces. Along with well-known and easily applicable square and rectangle-shaped pieces, the family comprises a modular set of flat tiles with circular elements as well.

Suitable for both internal and external application, the boards are available in three different contemporary surfaces: smooth, rough and terrazzo.

Tile elements

802 x 1204 x 20 mm
601 x 601 x 20 mm
400 x 601 x 20 mm
400 x 400 x 20 mm
400 x 199 x 20 mm
400 x 116 x 20 mm
400 x 226 x 20 mm
400 x 199 x 20 mm

Panels with a smooth surface represent the sleek, luxurious look of KAZA tiles.

With the main focus on texture, rough surfaces exhibit the true nature of concrete.

Terrazzo surfaces expose mineral stones within the material.


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