The KAZA Bespoke Service enables any designer, architect or professional involved in a project to create a unique concrete tile for a given architectural space, starting from a surface of 25 m2.

KAZA also offers a free consultation regarding colour, pattern and style, which means that even without the necessary experience regarding 3D surface design, a contemporary concrete tile can be created bespoke to your exact needs. In a matter of a couple of weeks, KAZA will manufacture the prototype of your tile and send it for approval.

This is the art of creating unique contemporary concrete tiles.

KAZA 101

Bespoke projects mean bespoke product developments. Whether it’s a special colour, a certain texture, an unusual shape, or only an inspiration, KAZA 101 is the workshop where all ideas are turned into concrete. Led by Sandor Bukovinszki, whose skills are paired with a refined eye for detail, KAZA 101 facilitates collaboration between architects, designers and KAZA in order to find the best solution for each individual project. KAZA 101 carries out research, tests different options and creates prototypes.

Bespoke projects